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How we use the Culture Clarity Index (CCI)
The Culture Clarity Index is used to identify gaps in performance, process and communication that require change. Quantitative and qualitative scores are calculated for each organizational criteria, strengths and weaknesses are uncovered, areas that need improvement are identified and solutions are customized to the culture and needs of your organization. Every intervention is uniquely designed and innovative based on your objectives, employees, resources, customer needs and analytics. This uniqueness allows us to design the proper transformation for your organization which always leads to success!

Culture Clarity Index Results

Sauce Assessment
Strategy > Analyze your position in the market and vision of who you are. Evaluate daily processes to achieve goals and implement strategies. Measure results and ROI.

Attitude > Analyze culture and change management capability, Utilize personality and emotional intelligence assessments, Examine leadership and communication, Design future direction and positioning.

Understand > Revenue and cost management, Operations and process improvement, Human resources and legal aspects.

Captivate > Ability to retain clients, Ability to retain employees, Presence in industry and marketplace.

Experience > Customer service quotient, feedback from clients, quality of product or service, vendor relationships, perception of culture.

Investor Support Assessments
Our investor support assessments are critical for anyone thinking about funding or acquiring a business organization. We will analyze all aspects of the potential business organization and provide accurate information that will help determine the quality and risk of the investment. We will perform non-financial due diligence and examine what needs to be done to protect your investment once it is made. The assessment includes a cultural, financial, operational, technological, and strategic analysis of the current situation vs. where you need to be as an organization in order to grow and prosper. The result will give you the necessary information to make an educated investment decision and alos provide you with control of how your money is invested.

Organizational Assessments
Our organizational assessments analyze your business operating environment focusing on organizational development, strategic design, marketing strategies, customer relationship management, operational processes and financial results. The results of the process allow you to make an educated decision for your business and avoid quick fix strategies. Our methodology is proven to ensure objectivity and alignment with your organizational goals. The outcome is accurate information, a clear understanding of your organization, a specific plan to address any issues you may be having and solutions to your business challenges. A customized plan is created based on the objective assessments to give you the power and knowledge to make decisions which will impact your goals and performance in a positive way.