The 5 Star Culture team is comprised of experienced professionals with practical knowledge who can apply current principles and innovative practices on a daily basis. Our experts solve problems and create change. The ultimate goal of every initiative is to improve culture and create an environment that supports candor, change, excellence, customer delight and profit.

Transforming Organizations and Changing Lives



5 Star Culture helps you clarify a vision of what your company wants to do and become. We help you create the optimal mental picture of what your organization will achieve over time. This picture motivates and helps guide employees while inspiring transformation for the future. Your vision is then quickly and easily communicated to all employees which leads to better coordination, empowering actions and fast, efficient team work. This process enables your organization to attract, engage and retain talent while building a strong, positive organizational culture, increasing productivity and leveraging all resources to successfully implement your strategic plan.



5 Star Culture helps your executive team understand shared beliefs, values and assumptions held by all members of your organization. This culture describes the identity of your company and the process by which work gets done through the behaviors of people and groups. Culture is amplified by leadership and embedded in a network of organizational practices and processes. The success or failure of a company can be traced back to its culture. Culture is the foundation that every company builds on. We help you create and understand your culture and how you can maximize its power. Maintaining a positive, productive culture translates to an exceptional customer experience and ultimately to your improved bottom line. How strong is your culture?



Success can have many meanings depending on what your short-term and long-term goals are. Success should be realized in every individual, group, department and function throughout the organization. We help make every person the best he or she can be and develop effective and efficient teams throughout the organization focused on a common goal. Vision and culture are the keys to success and they must be understood and communicated consistently on a daily basis. Successful companies are able to translate the vision and culture through dynamic, proactive leadership and focus. The result is always: Excellent Performance, Efficient Productivity, Streamlined Processes, Enhanced Motivation, Effective Communication, Increased Profit and Happy and Loyal Customers.